Scorpio Black 320GB by mistake over 3 Years warranty

I have Dell laptop with Scorpio Black 320GB factory installed. I was under illusion that all Scorpio Black HDDs are under 5 year limited warranty. So when my HDD started to give error message, I thought I have plenty of time to return. So I took long time in checking which Hard drive to purchase etc, finally when I was ready for RMA, I found that warranty just expired before return (three months). Though error message appeared within warranty time, but I might not have proof of that. So what happens in Just expired warranty and also why Scorpio Black 320GB is ONLY with 3 Years warranty??? People need to be careful or told about that, as usually all Scorpio black has 5 years limited warranty.

Hi when you buy a prebuilt PC like a Dell all parts are under one year warranty from Dell. WD has no responsibility for the warranty on the drive. This is not only with Dell but all prebuilt pc’s like HP, Asus