Scorpio Black 320 failure

Hey, I own an emachines E528 laptop, and the hard drive recently failed.  I had it looked at by a service technition who confirmed that the problem was a logical error.  I looked online and the laptop is not under warrenty by emachines anymore.  So the technition told me to check here and luckily, my hard drive is still under warrenty.  I am trying to get an RMA, but the process seems pretty complicated.
How can I get a replacement hard drive, preferably soon? 

Hi when you buy a prebuilt system or laptop it comes with a one year warranty on all parts. The hard drive would be a oem drive and covered by emachines for one year. Western Digital will not rma your oem drive you need to buy a new drive. How did you find out it was still under warrenty the tech that told you a oem drive would be replaced by WD is wrong. If you go here    you can check the warrenty and if by some strange fault its ok you can start the rma from that page also. I would just call WD and ask them about the drive.

That is correct, the warranty on a OEM drive is honored by the computer manufacturer.