Scheduling back ups with My Book Live

I have done back ups of both my networked computers, but would like to know if I can schedule automatic back ups as well?

No, you cannot do schedule backups, why? Because the WD Smartware do automatic continues backup, therefore, schedule a backup is not necessary.

Thank you for your reply.  Do I have to open the WD Smartware program before it will dothe auto backups, or will it back up when the computer is turned on?

unless you’ve disabled it, smartware and the quick start tools in the notification area start when you log in.  once you’ve told it what to back up, it will just do it.  the only option is to delay backups until your activity is low.

I don’t recall disabling it, but I have to manually open the program.  It has no “log-in” when it opens. Should it?

Thank you.

Let me rephrase that questioin-   When using the WD Quickview feature, will the updates happen when I turn the computer on, or do I need to open the WD Smartware program manually?   Also, why is there no password for the log-in when I open the program?

Thank you

you do not need to open smartware unless you want to change which files categories (or, alternatively, which folders) are being backed up.  You can also go there to see how much local data has yet to be backed up, or see how much you have already backed up.  But it’s designed to run silently in the background.

Why did you anticipate needing to input a username and password?

Only because the WD drive I use at another location prompts me for a password when I open it.  It is not the WD Book Live however.

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