Scanbot/Scanbot Pro --> WEBDAV automatic upload - MyCloud Ex2

Hi there,
I have been looking for some time to find a solution to have automatic upload enabled at the SCANBOT APP , when I scan my letters, documents etc.

SCANBOT is using WEBDAV, but unfortunately the link can’t be modified or checked after setup.

My NAS (MyCloud Ex2 Ultra) is running with 192.168.1.xx address on my network.
I had to activate 2 times the WEBDAV access in the Dashboard.
I am not sure about engish vocabulary - so I am writing in German - if I am not 100% sure:
1.) Network - WEBDAV Service - ON
2.) Selecting the ‘Folder’ called ‘Shares’ in Dashboard ( ‘Freigabe’ in german)
Select the ‘Share’ where you want to save the Scans i.e. ‘Public’
Note: Scanbot requires a user and a passowrd - the user needs to have access to the ‘Public’ share.
Switch the ‘WEBDAV Service’ to ON for this Share (‘Public’)
3.) I tried , if I have to setup a Port Forwarding for the NAS Server at my Router, but it is NOT NECESSARY. Remember, I do NOT WANT to have access via Internet - probably that is required if you want to have external access.
4.) Final setup at Scanbot Pro:
Add a service with WEBDAV Style: https://192.168.1.xx:4443/Public
User: max (access rights granted at NAS Dashboard)
Password: xxxxxx
Please note , that the Share Name is Case sensitive.

Now Scanbot works ine :slightly_smiling_face:
Best regards,

Hi all,
it seems that OS5 doesn’t support WEBDAV anymore.
In case some has as well running ScanPro App with automatic upload, I am curious how the solution works with OS5…

So far, for 2 years now, it was very easy to scan the letters and documents with the ScanPro App (with OCR) and have an automatic network upload without any more action to be taken.

I want at least, that this is going to work again with WD OS5.