Scaling of photos

Hi All I have scaled my photos to max 1920wide or max1080 high. But all landscape images are scaled i height by the box. So they are shown as 1920 wide but only like 810 pixels high. This happens with both keeping the original size and the fill screen (but keep aspect ratio). It seems that when I have a portrait orientation photo it shows a 1080 height but is is to wide in width. A 500 x 500 pixel square show up a factor .75 in height (ie to low) or 1.33 in width (ie to wide). It happens with images from shared/local HD/media server Firmware version is 1.02.21 Cheers Thanks in advance for any Hints Alex

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I don’t use the Live for photos, but I did try it once and it seems to me if you are already rescaling your images then you want the “Keep as Original” seting in Settings/Photo/Photo Scaling.  If you already have this set, try the “Fit to Screen” just to see if it works better for you.

The factor 1.33 sound like a mixup between 4:3 and 16:9 format? Are you sure your output settings are right?