Saving Wireless Camera footage to my EX2 - How?

I have 4 dlink wireless cameras that I feed the storage to an external usb drive connected to my main computer. I recently got the nas drive and wanted to just direct the feed of storage to a public folder I made called dlink.

I am not sure if this is an issue within the dlink software or just my technical knowledge lacking, but when I try to connect the network/mycloud/public/dlink folder the dlink software gets confused and tries to store the files in C/programs/dlink/mycloud/public/dlink, it’s like the directory extensions are copying but the root is wrong, its trying to store in C/programs/dlink/ vs the nas drive itself which is listed under network nas mycloud.

I am not sure if I have to merge the nas drive with my homegroup somehow or what but I do understand the routing of my storage and can choose drives on my computer or even on other computers in my home network and it works, just when I try to direct them to the nas network attached space which I created in public with no passwords it somehow distorts the pathway saying I am trying to save to the c drive.

Anyone with experience in this or what I might just be doing wrong?


I’m not familiar with the application.

Have you check with the Dlink to see if that’s possible to save the files to a network location?