Saving SmartWare Password

We use 1TB MyBook Elite drives to backup client servers (rotated like tapes on a weekly basis).  If for whatever reason power is lost or the server reboots Smartware needs the password entering before backups will resume.  Currently we have the drives attached to a UPS and get the each server to email HQ at startup so someone can remote on to enter the password.

Is there any way the password can be saved on the server to avoid having to re-enter the password.  Obviously if someone takes the drive and tries to use it in another machine the data is encrypted.

Any help would be must appreciated.

Your only option here is to disable the password, If there was a way to save the password it would not be safe and would kill the whole purpose of having a password in the first place. I found an article in the WD web site with all the info available about the password protection feature with the drive, check it out.

There are some suggestions here too:

Unfortunately, there is not a way to save the password, it needs to be entered every time.