Save To Camera Roll & DRM Movie Playing

Hey. After some trouble shooting I solved these two problems. With these two guides you can 1) Save a picture to your camera roll and then do anything you can do with camera roll pictures (open and edit in apps, add to photo stream, post to Facebook, etc.) and 2) play iTunes DRM protected movies on your device (this way you don’t have to store them on the devices local drive and you can utilize all the space of your WD drive). 1-A) open picture in WD 2 Go Pro application. 1-B) Click the export button in the top right corner. 1-C) Click “Email (as attatchment)” for small files and “Email as link” for bigger ones. 1-D) enter one of the email addresses you use with your device (Your email address) and send. 1-E) Go to mail and open the email. 1-F) Then either save it to your roll directly from the email or go to the link and save it from the remote website. Viola! Now you have a picture stored on your WD drive saved to your camera roll and can do whatever you want to do with it given the accounts and apps you have and settings you have turned on. When you’re done with it simply delete it from the roll. 2-A) Open the DMR Protected Movie in your WD 2 Go Pro application. (Note it won’t play in the app itself due to the way the app is coded I assume. It will jerk back and forth from play to pause without making any progress.) 2-B) Click the export button in the top right corner. 2-C) Select “Email as link”. 2-D) Email it to yourself (It need be an email account you have access to from your device.). 2-E) Open the email and click the link. Viola! The movie will play from the link in the browser (Note: this only works if you have permission to watch it with the device you’re using. You can get this permission by performing a wired sync of your device with the iTunes library that you downloaded it with. You don’t need to actually sync any media, the device just needs permission from the library to view it.). That’s it. Two fairly easily done methods of getting around the lack of feature and capability in the current app version until WD updates it with these features built in. Enjoy!

Note: You can either change the media file location of your iTunes library in the advanced section of the general preferences for your iTunes software on your PC before you download a movie or cut it from the normal location and place it on the WD MBL drive(This may take some time). It’s probably quicker to change the media filemlocation to somewhere on your MBL then the cut and paste method. You could even set up a share just for iTunes media downloaded from you iTunes software on your computer.

I just tested the DRM movie playing method above with every single DRM movie I have on my MBL and it worked for every one. (Even the ones with edited detail information)

Note: I tried to stream a couple of the movies to my Apple TV from the browser player and it didn’t work. But the ATV can access all your DRM movies in the iCloud. So with these DRM movies there is no need to AirPlay them.