SATA transfer rate only 6Gb/s

I recently had to recover my entire SSD due to failure of the SanDisk Extreme II (under warranty). I used a WDC-WD10JPCX-24UE4T0 that was spare pending return of my SanDisk.
Recovery was text book via Acronis but my laptop is now so slow that it is a pain to use whereas it was lightening fast before the failure.
Is there anything I can do to speed up the transfer rate?

Well, your subject is correct. SATA is only 6Gb/s.

But comparing about an “Spinning Rust” drive to an SSD is always going to be poor.

Thank you for your response. To read your message I turned on my laptop and, having recovered the hard driveonly yesterday I noted the drive sounded like a mechanical drive, (the drive that failed was a SanDisk Ultra II 1Tb SSD). The computer company that tested and confirmed hard drive failure said that they had put an SSD in and we both now realise that I do have a “spinning rust” drive! I should have checked before posting so thanks.

It might be worth sharing for the benefit of others that SanDisk did send out UPS labels under which the failed drive can be either collected or dropped off at a UPS collection point but the drive has to go to Slovinia and only after it arrives there will they send a replacement under warranty and that is anticipated by them to take ten days. Its bad enough losing the drive but the delay in getting it replaced is excessive in my opinion.
Hope that information is useful to someone reading this post but the SanDisk drive was very fast and a really good investment until it failed.