SATA master ATA slave

Can someone give me the setting necessary to add a Seagate ATA drive to a computer with an existing WD2500aaks (SATA) drive.  The MB has one IDE connection with a ribbon cable to the CD-rom.  The SATA is plugged to one of several SATA connections on the MB.  What I have tried so far… plugged  ATA drive to slave position on ribbon cable, set CD to master and HD to slave.  BIOS is set to SATA first.  I have tried every combination I can think of for the CD and ATA HD and get varying degrees of error msgs (sometimes the blue screen of death saying windows has shut down to prevent damage and sometimes, just a line saying OP can’t be found, even though the drive I"m adding was taken from a working computer as the main drive, so it has an operating system on it).  I did manage to get the computer to boot once, but only had drives C and D and D was the second drive (no CD ROM).  I  needed to install some software on the main drive, so switched some stuff around so the CD would register, but now, I can’t remember the settings that once worked and can’t get the computer to boot with the ATA drive connected at all.  I don’t really care if it’s available later on, all I wanted to do was have an easy way to transfer the data to the “new” computer.  HELP!!   Please.

so sounds ok having cd as master and pata as slave, although better the other way around imho.

sounds like the bios is trying to boot from the pata drive which is not good as windows installs drivers specific to the motherboard the drive was orig on.

you need to get into the bios before startup and makesure that the boot order does the SATA first,

definitely make sure it can’t boot from the PATA.

hope that helps

unfortunately, the CD rom is at the top of the box while the IDE connection is at the bottom of the mother board.  The only way I can connect both items with one cable is the CD at the end of the cable and HD in the middle.  Is the end connection automatically master and the middle slave or can I set the CDrom to slave even if it’s on the end connection?

the cable pos have no bearing on which is master/slave providing the jumpers on the drives are set

so yes you should be able to

however you could temp remove the cd drive while you get the data off the old drive

and then put back as you were once thats done as speed won’t be a big issue then as i assume you’ll just be using as a backup etc.

did you get the sata to boot first whilst having the pata drive connected?

did that solve the blue escreen issue

TY for the position information.  I’m not real up on hardware issues.  I couldn’t get the computer to boot using any settings, including removing the cable from the CD and just connecting to the ATA drive with the SATA drive being the boot drive.  Tried both master and slave setting for the ATA drive.  I finally just slaved the drive on my machine (ATA master drive) and copied the material off that I needed.  Ty for the help.