Samsung tv streaming video problem from MBL

Hi just bought my MBL last month and when i play video direct from my hard using my tv the video stops every 3 to 4 minute and says loading or preparing to play.

If i use my mobile phone ( through the my cloud app) i can beam it straight to the tv and no issues with stopping. Also same file from my computer through a program called samsung pc share manager same no problems.

Only when i use the media player on my TV straight from my MBL.

Media streaming is enabled, port forwarding is also done.


Samsung TV UE406200

My book live 3tb version - MyBookLive 02.43.03-022 : Core F/W

MBL and TV are hard wired into my router.

Video file size that it has troble with is 500mb bitrate 128kbit/s

Help please!!!

Which media server is on your MBL?  Twonky or DLNA?   You can check via the Media page of the setup screen.

Dnla media player