Samsung TV Can't see MBLD

After many hours of trying, I cannot get my Samsung TV to  connect to the MyBookLive Duo. I work in computer support for a day job and I’ve tried everything I know but still no cigar, not even once.

TV is a  6 month ols Samsung UA46D6600 featuring AllShare (Samsungs variant of DLNA)

Software version is T-GASDEUC-1018.0, BT-G

Wireless source is a Linksys WAG320N Dual Band Modem Router with Gigabit on Firmware version V1.00.12

MyBookLive Duo Firmware version is  02.31.08-067 : Core F/W and Media Server Version

Workgroup matches that of the PC workgroup.

There are several laptops in my house using the wireless flawlessly and other devices like iPod and tablets. On my Galaxy S tablet I was able to install the WD Photos app and successfully wiew photos on the MBLD.

In the MBLD admin utility the TV is Visible and not blocked.

However when I go to my TV the MyBook is not visible on the Sourse List even though the Windows laptops ARE.

However I can see it’s IP address listed in the TV setting under Setup, Network, AllShare Settings, Media…

Please help, I am at my whit’s end


Samsung TV’s seem to have problems with the DLNA server in the my book.

Yeah, but I already knew that.

So, sadly. I won’t be clicking your kudos star today!