Samba shares

I am trying to use Samba shares instead of UpNp on my Dune media player to view photos and video on my new wd mybook live.

SMB does not show up on my Dune media player, only the UPNP.   I have a suspicion the mbl media streamer is causing my photos to be blurry and not in their original resoultion.

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem???

Thanks in advance,

Hi there, can you please provide more details? f you are using SMB then it should work with the IP address of your MBL.

I am viewing photos on my tv via a Dune media player using upnp.  The photos are very fuzzy.  Can anyone tell me what is going on?

I am kind of answering my own question, maybe it will help others in the future…The Dune for whatever reason did not automatically detect the Samba shares for the MBL.  I was able to select the IP address of the MBL manually on the Dune to use Samba shares.

When using Samba shares, I no longer have the above issue with fuzzy pictures when viewing on my TV from the MBL.  (When using UPNP, the photos appear fuzzy on amy TV screen…still not sure why)

Hope this information helps others.