Samba Network Shares and iptables


With the actual firmware i have the chance now to work with my network shares, managed by samba on a linux server. But only without the firewall iptables! The iptables configuration supported the samba ports 137,138,139,445 and 901 (TCP/UDP). Every PC and Mac can work with the samba server very good; with iptables. Only the WD TV Live not and It is a litle bit strange, because the iptables log files don’t show me any access, if the WD TV Live try to connect to the samba server to brows the existing shares.

So my question are:

  1. It is a bad SMB-Client implementation into the WD TV Live to handle SMB/CIFS-Shares like as good as it should be?

  2. What kind of ports should be configured with iptables that WD TV Live can play with samba/iptables?

  3. It is planned by WD to integrate own created links to shares with tcp/ip-adress, share name and authentication without the brows-functionality?

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It is strange now, no more shares with or without iptables.

I have no idea how WD TV Live handle the connection to Samba, it looks like fortune that it runs or not.

Expect WD TV Live special names of the shares like video, photo and music? Or a special workgroup name?

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