Samba issue

Hi All,

If someone can help… Thanks

I have WD Network drive (My Book World Edition) connected to our office network. I received recently an email from our IT security team informing me that there is a problem with our network drive "

It is possible to execute code on the remote host through Samba." and asking me to upgrade samba to 3.0.25 or later.

So, I don’t know to do that… And FYI I’m using a win 7 computer…

Thank you

What’s  the problem?

Besides updating samba you don’t mention the issue

Sorry if I haven’t been clear… there no issue with the equipment but for IT security reason I’ve been asked to upgrade Samba… and not sure how to do that.

If it’s not the right place to ask this kind of support let me know.


Right place…

just wrong people answering…

Take a read, not as straight forward as it seems!

Thank you very much for your guidance, i will have a look to the steps and hope it’s not too complicated.

I’ve found and downloaded Samba 3.6.7 version and mine is 3.0.24 is it safe to do this kind of upgrade?