Safepoint performance?

 MyCloud has 783GB. How long should it take to create a Safepoint?

USB 3 external drive connected to the MyCloud.

Mine takes around 30 hours for 900 GB

Thanks. I’ll post what mine takes.

The first large Safepoint takes time. After it is finished, the next Safepoint does not take long. But I agree it should be faster since it is USB 3.0. But it is from Hardware to Hardware, this can be why it is slow. The same USB 3.0 ports sometimes sit on Routers and it is slow there too. You need a good driver to utilize USB 3.0 then everything goes faster. But there is likely no real specific driver between the WDMC and the USB 3.0 port. Unless they will fine tune this in the Linux kernel of the WDMC it will stay slow. Perhaps there are some bottlenecks there between chipsets and hardware.

OK, took about 26.5 hours for 740GB. Can’t be exact as I forgot to record the exact start time. Wish there was a way to review actual start and end times. If anyone knows please let me know.

By my estimate about 8MB/second.