Safepoint in another subnet / Wins server wont work / no option for mannually configuring safepoint

My Mybooklive  box is  hooked up at subnet 1(call it location 1), my another NAS machine is hooked up at subnet 2(location 2). Both are connected through a fast VPN tunnel. I’ve been for several days attempting to backup mybooklive using safepoint from location 1 to location 2.

However I got a bit of an issue here, Im trying to setup mybooklive to create safepoints in a NAS located at location2 ,   basically, all it does is a NetBIOS broadcast on subnet1 and can’t find any shares on subnet 2 because netbios broadcasts wont propagate across subnets…  Then I configure  a WINS server, after that I find out there’s no option for WINS server config on mybooklive!!

Also there’s no option to mannually enter an IP address there pointing for the another NAS to use as a safepoint. That feature itself would already solve the issue.

I’m having kind of a hard time with this issue… any solutions?


You might potentially be able to manually define a WINS server by modifying the SAMBA configuration by hand…  Never tried it myself.

In another  thread I described a solution to a different safepoint problem - however, the solution may also solve your problem.