Safepoint folder and filename(in Chinese) encoding problm

I have made a safepoint to my windows share folder. but some folder and filename(in chinese) has became to other characater(not chinese). I can access this file and folder in windows. any idea to fix? Thanks. 


Are you storing a Safepoint from your WD My Book Live into an actual Microsoft Windows computer? If so, do you also encounter renamed folders when they are manually copied directly from the source disk drive?

The folders and filesname (Chinese) in MBL is created using windows7 (Chinese edition) , no problm.

Directly copy folders and filenames(in Chinese) from MBL to windows (using windows 7), no problem also.

Using saftpoint to create a restore point  in Mircosoft Windows Shared Folder. Chinese Folder  in restore point becomes  “結緍-非常重要” .