Safepoint ( after restore ) is not seen by the replacement MBLD

After a full restore from a safepoint , I would assume the new drive would recognise the safepoint from where it came from and continue to be able to use it.

The new drive can not see it or recognise it.  The SP is on a MBW 4tb. It must still be on it as it shows only 200GB left from 2TB ( raid1)  But you cant even see it to delete it ??? Download folder says 200GB free , same as Public. Public shows 7 folders for 80GB , SP was 1,200GB  Where has 500GB gone ?? 

I asume 80G + Safepoint of 1,200 is 1,280G TOTAL. How can it show under 200G space left ? Should be 700G

Please help before I burn them all.

Hi, try exploring all of the folders in the MBW, one of them should have the safepoint data.

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Thanks ,

I dug arround to find the SP files. In WDPROT !    

They couldnt call it SAFE POINT ???