Safely remove USB hard drive from WD MyCloud

I just got a WD MyCloud. I love it.
When I connect one of my 3 TB WD My Book Essential external  USB hard drives to the USB port on the  WD MyCloud  everything works fine. I can stream videos stored on WD MyCloud or stored on the external  USB hard drive via DLNA mediaserver to my Samsung SmartTV.

On Windows I always follow the safely remove device procedure before I unplug the USB hard drive from my Windows PC. Windows then displays a notification telling me it’s safe to remove the device.

Unfortunately I cannot find in the WD MyCloud Dashboard a safely remove function for a connected USB drive. What do I have to do to safely unplug an external  USB drive from my WD MyCloud?

Log into the WEB UI.   There’s a USB icon at the top of the screen.   That’s where you remove devices.