Safely remove USB drive

Can anyone please help me find the option to safely remove USB drive using app or web UI. Also how to copy data from My Cloud home to USB drive.


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Have you looked at the User Manual?

Hi cat0w

Went thru the manual. Still can’t find the right way to remove the USB drive safely.

Are you on a Windows computer? If the USB drive shows on your computer have you tried a right click and then eject?

I am on Mac and USB drive does not show.

the my cloud home currently only supports importing from USB. to eject just make sure all data transfers have completed and just unplug it. I don’t think there is any eject for the my cloud home.

It’s nice that export function is now included. Missing is the option to safely remove USB function. Any one received a solution?

Do you just rip it out?? Say it ain’t so!