Safe shutdown

I just entered my Mycloud via Ssh in the file explorer and noticed that in /sbin there is a file called poweroff. Could that file have some relation to the discussion in here about shutdown Mycloud 2. Generation?

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Ooo…so you mean wake the device from halt…wdmc single bay has no such feature, its hardware related, its commonly known as WOL wake on lan, and if you curious about poweron/off schedule, wdmc single bay also doesn’t support than function ( I dont know its hardware or/and software related).

In relation to power/electricity, may be sleep ( device is on but the HDD is is powerdown, so less power/electricity used) is the only thing supported (not without problem).

Reboot is only intended to refresh the device, Ie: webgui is not responding but ssh still work, you need to reboot it safely.

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System Tray > WDMyCloud > Shut Down

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As has been pointed out The functionality seems to be hidden.
This works for me on Chrome. Should work on Firefox.

  1. when on the settings > utilities page. select URL bar
  2. enter “JavaScript: dev_shutdown();”

A pop-up appears warning of imminent hibernation.eventually the devices power light goes out.

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Is that for Chrome/Firefox on mobile device or only on PC/Windows?
And could you exactly discribe the steps. Which settings? Does one need SSH for this?

What means “eventually the powel light goes out”?

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Any chrome browser will do.

  1. Log into the My Cloud dashboard.
  2. Go to the “Settings” Page.
  3. Select “Utilities” on the left panel.

As you can see there is a “reboot” button but no “shutdown” button.

The “shutdown” is actually hidden from you, but you can still manually call shutdown with some javascript code!

This is what typing “javascript:dev_shutdown();” in the search bar does. It’s effectively the same as clicking the hidden “shutdown” button (trust me on this).

Note: “javascript:dev_shutdown();” will only work once you access this page!

You can even save this piece of code as you would a bookmark! So you don’t have to type it in every-time.

Also by the “light does out”, I mean the device power light goes off as a visual confirmation.
If you look at the Logs afterwards, an entry also confirms the device has shut itself down.

Problem solved, high fives all around.

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Wow, respect finding this out!
Good idea!
Will have to test it, but i trust you. Some more questions:

  1. Bytheway, will that workaround work on every web browser? Or how can one find out which browser does that trick without having to login in the Mycloud dashboard (i dont have MyCloud device here) ?
  2. About the java code…when i am in Dashboard ->settings -> utilities do i have to clear the URL search bar at first and then typing the java code? Or do i have to add the java code behind/infront the current URL in the adress bar?
  3. And if i save a bookmark just only with the java code, i dont see how it will be possible that this code will drop me again in the dashboard and execute the shutdown command?
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  1. You’ll have to do the research yourself I’m afraid
  2. Yes, clear search bar first
  3. You will need to be on the same page as the reboot button.Think of it as a It’s a substitute for the missing “shutdown” button.
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About point 3.
You wrote about saving bookmark to the java code so you dontnhave to typemit every time, but what and how are you saving? Bookmark to the place in the Dashboard settings? But then still you have to type the code. Or bookmark the java code?

Could you please clarify

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Hi everyone. I just bought a WD Cloud unit and couldn’t find the way to shut it down and ended up here. I’ve written a little Greasemonkey script for Firefox that I thought I’d share. It will automatically unhide the “shutdown” button when plugged into a user script manager.
The script is this:

‘display’: ‘inline’
}, 5000);

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Wow, it is getting more and more intrsting here :slight_smile:
So, in the Firefox one installs script manager addon. Then in the script manager one should implement your script above and next time I login in the Dashboard i should be able to see the Shutdown button, right? And where is it placed?

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Yep, that is correct. The only thing you will have to add is “// @include [the IP of you WD cloud]” at the top of the script. At least, that’s for Greasemonkey.

The button is located right next to the “Reboot” button in settings>utilities>devicemaintenance. Oh, and to be precise, the uncovered button says “Hibernate”.

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[quote=“Morden2004, post:62, topic:147307, full:true”]
Why is everyone so intent on shutting down a device that was never intended to be shut down? Cloud devices and other full-time backup and recovery devices are designed to be up 24/7 and that is why there is no shutdown option.

As others have stated, pulling the power on these devices can lead to serious problems unless you have taken all precautions to ensure that access if fully stopped - not always a simple matter.[/quote]

Because I want to move it to a different physical location in my house.
Because I know there is a big lightning storm coming.
Because I am going away on vacation for 6 weeks
Because I want to clean the shelf it sits on.
Because because because…

Yes, as you say, pulling the power can lead to serious problems. But a power failure can also lead to serious problems and not everyone has access to totally reliable 24/7 power. Your observation of the risks of pulling the power is EXACTLY why everyone is so intent on finding a way to safely power off the device!


[quote=“Crsck, post:107, topic:147307, full:true”]
As has been pointed out The functionality seems to be hidden.This works for me on Chrome. Should work on Firefox.1) when on the settings > utilities page. select URL bar2) enter “JavaScript: dev_shutdown();”

A pop-up appears warning of imminent hibernation.eventually the devices power light goes out.[/quote]

I must be really dense. When I put this text into the search bar in Chrome, it literally does a search on that text and finds many references including this forum!

How do i get Chrome to route this text to my My Cloud?

Edit - Problem solved - See next post

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Never mind (for me anyway) as I got it to work by using a different computer running Windows 10.

I do not know why Chrome on Windows 7 Pro didn’t work. But Chrome on 10 did so I am good.

If anyone knows why it didn’t work on 7 Pro, please post it here for the benefit of others who don’t have the option of trying another computer.

Some terrific work here and some VERY significant expertise too. Much appreciated by folks like me.

WD - Come on folks! GOYA and fix this really annoying flaw!!!

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I was able to do a safe shut down using Quickview instead of the dashboard. My dashboard only has the logout option. And it’s remaining shut down unless the security can be fixed with high confidence.

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Quick View is hard to find on the WD Website. The links provided in the posts above are broken, and it isn’t listed in the WD support downloads. However, a search of the WD website finds it. Unfortunately, after all that work, the QuickView install failed on all my computers. Which is probably why they have made it hard to find. The end result is that I couldn’t use Quick View either.

Nonetheless, I have high confidence in the JavaScript method after I got it working. The drive certainly did shut down, and the process seemed to be quite orderly and took considerable time - not at all like pulling the plug. Therefore, I am reasonably convinced that the buffers were flushed and all the data was written before it turned off.

I live in the country where power failures happen several times a week. So I installed my My Cloud on a Battery Backed Power Supply to reduce the likelihood of a damaging power failure shutdown. Thanks to the efforts and expertise of other forum members here, I am thrilled to be able to shut my drive down as required.

Cheers and THANK YOU ALL!!!

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Note, Quick View is right there on the WD Support website under Downloads.

Direct link to Quick View page:

Its also on the MyCloud/Wd2Go website:

It is also available through the Support Downloads section if one selects the filter by product option:


As indicated above, I did find it using a search.

You are correct, it is actually right there in the download list. No idea why I didn’t see it before. Maybe I had the product filters wrong - maybe I am just blind.

I downloaded the copy from the list and that installed just fine. Furthermore, the shutdown command is there. However, I didn’t try it as I kind of like the Javascript method.

Cheers all.

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Could you try the Java methode in Firefox. Does it work on both Win7 / Win10 ?

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