SAB / sickbeard / couch potato on MBL - Is it worth it?

Hi All,

I have the three programs working fine on my laptop, with post processing moving everything over to my MBL.  I’ve noticed from some forum posts that it’s possible to get the programmes working on the MBL itself but the setup looks quite complicated to me.

I was wondering what the main advantage of doing it like this would be?  Is it just that you don’t take up bandwidth transferring everything over?  Could you not do that by having the MBL as the download directory?  (I tried doing that before with a USB harddrive on my SMP, but download speed was crippled)



Main advantage, you do not need your laptop on.

NAS are meant to be on 24x7. Low power consumption, etc.

I have my MBL as a torrent client, reasons are mentioned above.

Agreed definitely worth having the one low power box do it all. Though you may want to try nzbget instead of sab, as it doesn’t require so much processing power so performs well on MBL