S.M.A.R.T. status of HDD - request for checking


Is that smart disk parameters are eligible for RMA service? Thank You for replay.

PS. i am sorry for my english 0 its not my native language.


Hi there, it seems that you are getting a warning on the smart status, normally this does not mean the drive will fail for sure, however it shows that some of the attributes are too high i would recommend doing a quick test and and extended test, then if you get an error when you do the test then i recommend replacing the unit, but this does not mean that the drive will not give problems either in my opinion from what the test show you can make your decision.

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Both Quick and Extended Test have the status: PASS and do not show any errors. Should I do the third test (write zeros)?

could you please install hard disk sentinel?

just to see the smart info on decimal :slight_smile:

i think you shoulkdnt worry for now but you can zero fill your drive…

if it doesnt find any new bad sector probably is fine

if it finds new bad sectors ok  i would recomend to replace it :slight_smile:

i have a wd20ears that from 2010 that detected one bad sector in 2011 and i have decided not to replace it and didnt get any worse yet… 

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es, sure:

Link to full size image:


Can anyone look at my case?


Drive is fine. Few bad sectors. If it doesnt increase its fine