Runaway mediacrawler - take 2

follwup on the (closed?) thread

I think re-using the factory runlevels is probably best than using ‘defaults’ sys v proposed in the above thread…

execute this script to start, stop or audit orion, which controls the crawlers

  • Usage:

   MyBookLive:~# sh [start|stop|status]

  • Script below


if [-z $1]; then echo "basename $0 [start|stop|status]" ; exit ; fi

case $1 in

  ls /etc/rc*.d | egrep -i “etc|orion”
  pgrep -f crawlerd
  pgrep -f cationmanagerd
  update-rc.d -f orion remove ; /etc/init.d/orion stop
  sleep 2
  if pgrep -f crawlerd ; then pkill -9 -f crawlerd ; fi
  if pgrep -f cationmanagerd ; then pkill -9 -f cationmanagerd ; fi
 start) update-rc.d orion stop 05 0 3 4 6 . start 86 2 . && /etc/init.d/orion start
 *) echo “not a valid option, try again” ; exit 1

Hope this helps!

Thanks for sharing your experience with your Community.

BTW, welcome to the WD Community.

Also let the rest of the users know that this procedures will void the warranty on the drive.