RSYNC Test Failure Message

I just purchased a second EX4 to perform a backup of my primary EX4.  I believe I have followed the instruction to set up a remote backup job abd receive a RSYNC Test Failed message.  Are there any docs online to discuss how to set these jobs up outside the EX4 Users manual.  I have both EX4s on the same Gig switch.  Remote server turn on for the receiving unit.  

Refer to the manual (in the downloads section ofWD site). Also, make sure you don’t have any spaces in the backup job’s name. I have seen some posts from other users who mentioned that backups only worked when there were no spaces in the job name. Although, it may not have been using RSYNC…I can’t remember now. But something to check anyways.

Thanks for the help.  Removing the spaces on the job name did it.

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