RSync from qNap?


I have a MyCloud personal storage running version v04.05.00-327. I am trying to do a rSync from qNap NAS but I cant seem to see an option for rSync on Network of WDCloud settings page or dont see an Backup option - How do I do it?

MyCloud responds to rsync over ssh, immediately after enabling ssh.

You will have to fire a one-liner with rsh at it to make it listen in daemon mode.

It looks like its not enabled on mine after enabling ssh

how do I fire a one-liner with rsh? you mean create a rsa key? can you list the steps please?

any ideas?

rsh -l [username] [host] rsync --daemon

That will start rsync in daemon mode on the mycloud. (assuming you give the ip address of the mycloud as the [host]. -l specifies the user to run the command under at the remote; it should probably just be root.

I have done this however when I log onto Web GUI, I still can’t see the option - Do I need to login with root on webgui?

You use SSH not the My Cloud Dashboard to issue Rsync commands on the My Cloud Dashboard. If Rsying TO a My Cloud, generally one would have to use the root (admin) name and the root (admin) password that one uses for the My Cloud SSH as the username/password in the rsync command that gets issued from the qNap. One typically uses IP addresses and would need to specify the specific Share on the My cloud one is trying to Rsync into.