Rsync ex4 working

Read a lot of posts about how ex4 doesn’t play well with rsync.  I’ve been doing rsyncs between myclouds but wanted to upgrade.  I’ve shared in the dismay as I’ve seen others here experience after getting everything setup and working only to have the ex4 reboot and wipe out all my config.  However I’ve managed to work out a solution.

Lucily for me my setup includes a classic mycloud 4t and a ex4.  I’m able to make reboot persistant changes on the mycloud, and setup a cron job to push/pull files to/from the ex4.

In order to get the ex4 to turn on its rsync daemon I found that turning on the “remote server” feature in the network section did this for me in such a way that it would persist a reboot.

It took me a bit longer to find out the password I needed to get rsync to auth was nicely placed in /etc/rsync.secrets

I’ve setup cron to daily run a script that contains the following command.

rsync -r --progress --size-only --exclude “*.wdmc” --password-file /root/rsync.pwd /shares/Public/ DSTIP::Public >> backup.log

I’ve rebooted both boxes and my backup still runs.

No more crippled rsync wrapper!

Hello there, I have not tried this, but lets see if another user can share some ideas and tips on this matter.

I should add that a firmware update to the mycloud will reset its config back to factory, you’ll need to setup the rsync job on the mycloud to get this to work again.