RSS Feed Folder names

Ok, I have setup a bunch of folders under RSS,  example TWIT and Rev3.  Then added some of the TWIT feeds to the TWIT folder and the Rev3 feeds to the Rev3 folder.  But, on the top menu instead of seeing TWIT and Rev3, I see the name of one of the feeds in that folder.  When I select the name it then shows me all of the feed within the selected folder and they play fine.  Why doesn’t it show the Folder Name at the top level? Is this a bug, cause it happens on both the HUB and the SMP?

Same with my WD TV Streamer, I don’t think is a bug, but, can anyone other user confirm if this is how it is suppose to be?

There a definitely some bug with rss. I tried last night to create folder with several feeds thru WebUI, after i typed address suddenly folder name was changed and several feeds being deleted. When i tried to look this via player there a lots of feeds with same name. I tried to delete this one and next name apper in the list (rest of feeds get the name of firs feed). Even my player has reset when i was taring to delete those feeds…

I am having the same problems. I have 7 folders and a few dozen feeds.  I have duplicates of some feeds. Several missing feeds. The folders I see at the top level have feed names instead of the folder names that I chose.  

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