Router settings for My Cloud 4tb

Helo all 

I have a 4TB My Cloud and aside from transfer rates being pretty slow at best, in the last couple of days I have not been able to watch stored HD content with out skipping and losing audio. I am using a WDTVLive as the interface with my TV. This is hard wired via ethernet to my router that the My Cloud is connected to.

I was wondering if there are any specific router settings that I should or could change to increase or optimise output speed? I have a Technicolor Gateway TG587n V3 if that helps, thanks all.  

What format are you storing/viewing your video files?  Do you have your MyCloud enabled for media streaming for the share you’re streaming from?    It’s recommended that you use a separate switch for LAN traffic in your home.  For example, I use a TrendNet Gigabit switch.  All my home LAN traffic goes through this switch.  The only thing I have connected to my router is the modem input, the uplink to the TrendNet switch and my Ooma.   No home video streaming traffic passes through my router.  This removes variabiity and performance fluctuations depending on what the router is doing (downloading torrents, negotiating WAN requests, etc).  Good luck!

If the router is really the bottleneck you can prioritise traffic either by application, service or lan port. You do that by configuring QOS (Quality of Service) which seems to be supported by yoru router. I don’t know the inernal details of this router though on how to achieve that. For examplel on my router I can make one lan port have top priority so that I can have maximum bandwidth for streaming movies specially when the kids are playing on line games :slight_smile: