Router reboots after connect mbl

i have the tg585 v8 with latest fw and  mbl 3tb with latest fw.

when i have alone the router works fine but when i connect the mbl after 10 minutes reboots and again and again…



I would guess that your router is incompatible with the MBL for some reason. Never heard of it before.

Have you got some friends/family who have a different router you could try your MBL with. If on their router everything is fine (and it doesnt reboot), It would appear that your Thomson router is the likely culprit. You could try resetting your router (usually by a small pin in the back of the router), and see if that sorts it.

If not, talk to your ISP and say its their router at fault, and you want another one, or just buy one. A decent one would probably set you bakc £40 or £50 on Amazon/eBuyer. 

look two routers tg585 v8 and this two have the same problem but with tg782 everything is ok