ROUTER Confusion!

Dear All, I have bought the WD TV LIVE HUB quite a while back and I haven’t configured it to a router yet. I am planning to get a router but I am at a fix because I am not sure if its going to work with the hub. Can anyone please confirm? The router model is : Netgear JNR1010 N150 Wireless Router

Any router will work with the hub. What needs to be compatible with the hub is the wireless adapter.

My Netgear DG834GU Router (yeah it’s old)

works fine on the Live Hub (even though it doesent appear on compatibility list)

The compatibility list for Wireless USB Adaptors is here …

(Check store refund/return policy before purchasing one if you want peace of mind)

Just because no one said it…  I like to state the obvious, because sometimes people forget that basic covers all of your bases…

Ethernet is a more reliable way to connect to your router than wireless, and its a faster connection…which you might appreciate if you are sending files to the Live Hub via network connection.