Rotation Speed My Book Studio LX?

Do any of you know the rpm speed for the My Book Studio LX (2TB)?  I’ve read conflicting info online…Sometimes stated as 5400, sometimes as 7200.  I’m using it to store pro tools sessions and sample libraries and I’ve had no shortage of sonic hicc-ups for the past 24 hours since I installed it.  I copied the orig. files from my old My Book (WD10000H1CS-00),

which I was running FW400, by the way.  I have the Studio LX running FW800…I thought I’d see an improvement in transfer rate…I haven’t.  Makes me believe this isn’t a 7200 rpm drive.

Do any of you know???


The transfer speed will only be determine by the cable you use not by the drive that comes inside of the enclosure. The fw800 should run at 800 Mbps, this is twice the speed of the FW400.

Must of the drives that WD put on this kind of drive you have are Caviar Greens or Black. You can use a software to verify which drive comes inside enclosure, but then again this will be pointless considering what I have just explained to you.

I just read that the caviar greens have a power-saving feature that modulates the speed between 5400 & 7200. Have you heard that? If that’s the case, it’s not going to work for music production.  Also, I’ve been reading that WD purposely doesn’t publish the drive speeds so they have the ability to install either 5400 OR 7200…crazy…I really need a 7200 rpm drive, so I think this puppy is going back.  What are your thoughts

I’ve seen a lot of DJ’s and producers working with this drive with no problems.

This drive is one of the fastest drives out there. 

I understand you had a My Book Home edition which had an Esata connection, However  you can not use that on Mac. The only other option for a faster performance is Thunderbolt. 

So if your Mac only supports USB and Firewire then this is the drive for you.

IMO WD’s IntelliPower marketing gimmick is/was deceptive. If you look hard, you will find that IntelliPower drives spin at a single invariable RPM. However WD can choose this invariable RPM to be any speed in the range of 5400 to 7200. In fact the Caviar Greens are designed to spin at 5400 RPM.

The following URL has expired, but it used to state that “for each drive model, WD may use a different, invariable RPM.”