Rotate Photos From iOS

Is there an app I can use to rotate the photos that are on my nas?

You need to google how to rotate iOS photos and videos. This is an iOS issue, not a WD issue. You also could try searching these forums via the search function (magnifying glass icon).

You sir, are no help!
I did search these forums relentlessly, I also am very fluent with Google search.

To clarify,
I have my photos on my ex2.
Id like to access the photos and be able to rotate them from an iOS device.
I am asking if anyone knows how to accomplish this task?

I googled and found this. If this works, great. If not, then YOU need to google for info. This is not a WD issue.

One last attempt…
I just want to rotate any pic that is stored on my ex2, from a iOS device.
The pic doesn’t have to be from a iOS device.
Ex. Open a folder of pics that is stored on the ex2 and rotate a pic.
I can do it from my PC, but would prefer from a mobile device.
I clearly understand how to rotate a pic that resides in my iOS photo gallery.

As far as I know a pic cannot be rotated from a mobile device using a WD app, NAS or ???

You may be able to edit a pic on an iOS device if you copy the photo to the iOS device.

Edit: I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.

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@comatose1978 You may want to post this topic in the EX2 forum and be sure to say what device you are using and want to be able to rotate a photo with. Maybe someone has had this problem too and solved it.