Root directory thumbnail and xml file question

My current setup is the WD TV Live Hub 1TB HDD and a USB attached 2 TB Fantom HDD. My directory structure looks like:

HDD root->DVDs.iso->folder1.iso, folder2.iso…etc

where each folder.iso contains DVDs of various kinds and each DVD is stored as an ISO in a directory named “dvdname.iso”. Then each folder will have a thumbnail file and xml file named “dvdname.jpg” and “dvdname.xml”. This gives me the desired thumbnails and information for each DVD and folder as I walk thru my ibrary. However, I do not know how to have a thumnail and xml file for the two HDDs. They show up as WDTVLiveHub and FantomHD with the generic thumbnail and info screen, but how do I customize those?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

I was afraid that was the answer. Thanks. :frowning: