Rollback software [My Book Studio]

Hi all!

I have a My Book Studio…

Yesterday i updated the software to version but now I ca’t update the firmware because it had to do first (i know, i’m stupid)

…I tried to install the version but the message is:
“No wd Smartware software update is required”

there is a way to make rollback software?

thanks in advance…

best regards

That I am aware of, there is no “rollback” version . In this case, the only options I can think of would be to try doing the firmware update on top of the already done, software update.  Or you could try uninstall the software, then do the firmware update, and then try to install the software one more time.  

I uninstalled the software
I rebooted
I ran “Apollo 1607E Firmware Updater v1.032 ( exe”

… and the message is the same

Please insert a WD SmartWare drive to continue; then click Rescan


P.s: I connected the USB cable

thanks for help

In this case i could only suggest to try formatting the drive, and try it again, if not, then try calling in for support

1 (800) 275-4932

I have the same Problem do any on can help us