RMVB request on WD TV Live HD Media Player

I have xbox/ATV for my movie,  stream to TV etc.   After reading some discussions from WD forum, telling me the WD mini support all format includes RMVB!.   I brought a WD TV live HD media player this morning because they don’t sell mini player in the shop no more!  According to the discussions/materials I read from google search, WD mini media player supports RMVB!  The WD HD should do the same things plus more!!    It turn out…not working!   WD HD support most of it but not RMVB!.

Guys…Can you have one players and support all the different media format???   

Serviously, ATV not USB and only support Apple stuff!  XBOX   supports most of it…but not all…and hoping WD can fix it…yes…they did in the pervious mini version !

Just want to get a product, plug it and use it!  Hope the WD product manager understands this and include more file format in the next release…

The MINI has the AmLogic chipset.   

The WDTV Lives have the Sigma chipset.  

Different chipsets have different capabilities.

Can you have one players and support all the different media format???   

Of course not.  There is far too many different media formats.

You can get a WD Elements Play.   That also has an AmLogic chipset that supports the same video formats as the WDTV mini.

Hopefully one day …someone say ‘yes’ and able to develop next gen to make end user enjoy the tech! Not spending time to read forum for silly issue rather than enjoy the products. This missing Rmvb really real pain and noticed so many Posts in your forum about it. May be you should pass it to the big boss to think about it/ make it happen! So the WD / RMvb is for my mum in law …so I have to make it works ad easy for her to browse. I think the WD interface is the winner…unfortunately…I have to return it and gt ASTONE…it works alll so far…interface…not so great but ok