RMA: What happens once my HD is received?


I sent my 2TB Caviar Black hard drive back for an RMA.  Since I’m in Canada I had to send the drive to DHL Global Forwarding in Mississuaga, ON.  What happens to the drive from there?  DHL is a courier so I assume they ship the drive back to WD in California where it is tested and they decide whether to send me a new one?

I’m just trying to get an idea as to how long this whole process takes.


Hi once they receive the drive they will send you a refurbished one in return. Should take 8 to 10 days.


See the link below with all the necessary information about WD RMA process.


Refurbished?  Shouldn’t I get a new one, since the drive I sent them is brand new?

I notice my RMA status still hasn’t changed and WD received the hard drive over a week ago.  Is this normal?

It’s not unusual for it to take a while before they register your returned drive as received.  As long as you have the tracking number verifying that the drive arrived, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything.  Moreover, since we know that it can take a little time to register the drives we receive, we don’t just jump on things either. 


I just noticed that my RMA status has been updated.  It appears as though they shipped me a new drive, although it still says that they are waiting to receive my defective drive (but as you said, it may take awhile for them to update that).

Is the new drive shipped from the US or Canada?  Just so I can get an idea of when it might arrive, as there was no tracking number listed.

There is a tracking number.  I’ll look into it.

Please check your private messages regarding the details of your RMA.


One more question.  Since this is shipping from the US to Canada, will I have to pay brokerage fees to UPS (the fees that UPS charges to bring stuff through customs).  I’m unsure, because this is a warranty exchange rather than a purchase.