RMA/Warranty, absolutely tearing my hair out

OK, so I bought a WD Green 3TB drive around this time last year, it worked ok for a while, then reverted to RAW status, losing me a terabyte of important data, so I managed to recover the data, reformatted HD, all ok, I went through this cycle about 4 times, I gave the HD every chance, but it’s obvious it’s faulty, so naturally I want a replacement.

So around the start of the year, I start an RMA, register my product etc, but once I read the FAQ on posting an item back, I realised I didn’t have the proper materials to do so, so I put the idea on the backburner, plus I had a lot of work on so I guess I forgot about it.

I now have all materials required to ship the product, so I now wish to open a new RMA to send the product back, however the last RMA has expired, so to open a new one I need to register a new product, so I try, but my product is already registered!, I go to the support Email, but my email won’t send as the ‘subject’ field has a red asterisk beside it, and no matter what I put in this field it won’t go away, so I can’t send an email, as you can imagine the frustration is starting to grow.

Can anyone (or a moderator) please tell me what (if anything) I’m doing wrong?, as I’m growing increasingly fed up with this,

kind regards.

Phone number to call:


Best of luck to you!

I’m in the UK, and the number costs a lot from a mobile phone (we don’t have a landline).

Peflecan wrote:

I’m in the UK, and the number costs a lot from a mobile phone (we don’t have a landline).

Here is the UK number: 

General Support

What I need is a DIRECT email address, as the Email support form provided isn’t working, despite having filled in every field.