RMA Turnaround help

I sent my drive in for replacement, it was received on the 17th feb, and since then the RMA status has not changed. How long does this process take? When will my replacement be shipped to me?

PS: I sent the drive ‘next day delivery’ on the 13th feb, so it would have arrived on the 14th, why would it take 3 days to be entered on to the system?


I recommend you contact WD support directly to get a status update on your RMA.

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Thank you Hamlet, I’ll give them a call.

I called customer support, they told me the turnaround is about 7-11 days for stand warranty replacement.

Unfortunately for me, the drive I need replacing is out of stock, so has delayed the process.

I have been waiting over 3 months for my replacement blue hdd. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at contacting WD through their UK support contact line (WHICH DOES NOT WORK) I pretty much gave up chasing it up. the RMA status says my broken HDD was recieved on the 5th of Jan and a replacement sent out on the 6th, however I havent received anything nor is there a tracking number to chase this up with fedex.

I dont think i’ll buy another western digital product depending on how this is dealt with! Will keep everybody posted on here/

I had the same issue with my 4TB black drive. Called tech support and I was told that 20 days turnaround time is not bad.
I asked them how would they feel if their system is down for 20 days, I will not buy another WD product. I am in the process of sending 20 drives back to a hardware vendor and asking them to replace them another brand.