RMA to Malaysia

Ok, here is the issue, I have a couple of WD Drives (Internal 3.5s and Portables) that needs to be RMAed. I got the RMA number and found out that I have to ship it across the border to another country. Isnt this rather poor support on part of WD? What is the likely hood of WD appointing a local rep to take care of the RMA claims in Singapore again? If there is a chance that this will happen, I can delay sending off the said items till when there is a local handler.

Hi yes they changed there RMA loctation on August 6 2012. If you are going to wait for them to reopen even if they where going to would take some time to setup, much longer than it will take you to use the Malaysia one. The only way to find out if they are going to reopen which I cant see is to contact WD