RMA of a replacement drive


I purchased WD MY Passport Essential 500gb Serial [deleted] drive on 1st July 2011.

After 2 days it malfunctioned.

I created an RMA [Deleted] and got a replacement drive after 35 days.

I registered it soon via WD Smart Ware.

Now on 6th Feb 2012 my replacement drive with Serial [deleted] which i received under RMA [Deleted] failed.

I checked the warranty of the replacement drive online and it showed OUT OF WARRANTY but the drive i originally bought [deleted] was still under warranty

So i created an RMA [Deleted] under the original Serial [deleted].

The drive reached the warehouse  on 5th March 2012 according to AFL Courier Service.

Still WD shows nothing whether they have received it or not.

I contacted their online support and they told they can replace the drive once.

My drive is still under warranty though they reduce warranty period by one year every time i create an RMA.

My question is will i receive a replacement drive or not ?

Hoping for an answer


dude contact WD for that

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I was in constant contact with the WD representatives through online support.
One of their representatives contacted me through phone regarding this case.
After i narrated my whole incident, within a week i got a replacement drive :slight_smile:
I must say WD has one of the best RMA procedures.

I’m new to this but would you know how to use my wd passport essential as a ram on my windows 7 PC I try ed it I went to the settings and hit reabyboost/speed up your system but I get this text: this device cannot be used fro readyboost - this device does not have the required performance characteristics for use in speed up your system

my device is: a wd passport essential

Hello Friend! :slight_smile:
I am sorry to say but we can’t substitute a much slower hard disk drive for a RAM.
I haven’t used Windows 7 (I am a Windows XP user) but as my hunch directs, the utility as you say may require a flash memory based module (pen drives, SSD’s) for it’s operation and my passport essential is a typical magnetic disk drive.
Even if  we still use flash memory modules, they can’t replace RAM because the utility as you may say will use the module as a “virtual memory” and not as main memory (RAM).
Hope I helped :slight_smile: