RMA My Book Live

Can I RMA My Book Live because of lousy software full of bugs?

Hardware itself is perfect and I dont have any problem with it.

But the supplied software makes it unusable. Just look at this forum how many people having problems with new WD 2go app, new firmware (which has been pulled after release), backups, incompatiblity with DLNA, slow transfer speeds and much much more.

You can RMA if you don’t like the software

however it will come back with the same software you don’t like

the drive can be use with million other applications besides the ones that come in it

OMG, that is unbelievable. You really think I would like to claim it to get very same buggy thing back? No, I am asking because I am dissatisfied with, because I doesnt work as it should, as it is advertised, and I would like to get my money back.