RMA Help. Shoddy support

My 4tb hard drive messed up.
I started an RMA.
Before I posted the hdd off I managed to get the hdd running again.
I have 6 months left on my warranty.
So, I need to cancel the RMA and** re-enable the RMA tab in my account** should the hdd go bad again.
I see no option for this.
Every time I try to make contact here:
I get this message :** An error was encountered during knowledge base search.**

When I tried via : http://support.wdc.com/Warranty/rmaStatus.aspx?lang=en
I got this message: An error occurred processing your request, please try again later.

I phoned the warranty number. After selecting the options necessary the call rang for 3 minutes and a message told me that my call couldn’t be taken now - and cut me off.


What am I to do here?


We have escalated your post. Somebody from support will contact you soon.

Your drive seems to be having problems. Why would you cancel the RMA?

The HDD was recognised but inaccessible to Windows and Ubuntu.
After trying various solutions I ran an 18+ hour scandisk - which revived the HDD.

Since I have 6 months warranty still remaining I will not send back the full-up 4tb now working again HDD - I shall do so if the same problem occurs once more during the warranty period.

Ok if i was you i would install hard disk sentinel aand see the description about health and performance of the drive.

If the drive has many bad sectors or many reads or writes error i would use the RMA

best of luck :slight_smile: