Ripping Blu rays without TrueHD Audio

Does anyone know how to rip a blu ray and convert the TureHD audio to a format that can be played on the WDTV Live Hub without losing the video quality?

I have tried:

ripping to mkv - result is no audio

ripping to m2ts - result is backing audio is present but no vocies (Strange!!!)

What software are you using?


have you found a solution already?

I tried blurays with DDTrueHD audio (The Police Certifiable for example) and the Hub wouldn’t play any sound. Now with the new firmware (2.04.13) it seems to play the DDTrueHD track. I have Audio Output set to Stereo (I don’t have a home cinema set).

Before I used to do it this way:

  1. Demultiplex the stream using eac3to:

    eac3to 00000.m2ts -demux

That would produce a file for each track, a .thd+ac3 file for the audio track.

  1. Transform TrueHD to Stereo WAV (so as to keep the lossless quality):

   eac3to xxx.wav -down2 -normalize

That would produce a new .wav file.

  1. Multiplex the video and the wav using tsMuxeR:

    Start tsMuxeR, select the video file, the wav file and the sup files

    set the languages right and then start muxing.

Hope this is still of some help to you.