Rip DVD's for hub

Im in the process of ripping my DVD’s  of Looney Tunes to play back on the hub. So the kids wont destroy my originals. Anyway, I have been renaming each cartoon manually, is there an easier, faster way to do this (LAZIER lol) to do this or use some kind of software that will auto grab the dvd info or something along the lines like have done in the past with my cd’s to mp3? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I used to rip DVDs years ago, but it has been a while.  I noticed that one of the most popular programs to rip DVDs is DVDFab, not sure if it does what you are looking for.

I have used DVDFAB & it rips just fine, im just looking to be lazy & have it auto name

use Xilisoft dvd ripper standard version , very good software

I use iSkySoft DVD ripper to back up my DVD’s to my hard drive and WDtv Hub.  When the disk contains the name, it autonames but some disks which aren’t storebought, just get a generic name like DVD_TITLE_4.avi

I don’t know anything that will autogenerate, but Bulk Rename Utility should make batch renaming easier for you. I have renamed episodes in the past to just the sxxexx format in the series folder, then used WDTVHubGen to rename them.

Bulk Rename Utility