Rgb high or 12 bit deep colour?


After some adjusts on the video section finally i let the adjust in: hdmi: auto/rgb high (alto in spanish) autodetec frame rate activated. But if i choose rgb high (i dont know the traslation, in ps3 is rgb complete) i cannot choose 12 bit deep colour …wihich is better rgb high or 12 bits deep colour?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

RGB High, if you need it.   12-bit color isn’t available in any of the formats the WD supports anyway…

Yes, RBG High is the better choice. Beside, even if you select 12 bit color, you will not be able to see any difference and as Tony stated, the WD TV will not play any of the files that use this, at the moment at least.

Thanks, i think too rgb high is a awesome image quality. ps3 have too the option but in ps3 you lost too much detail in shadows when you select it.