Reverting back to default theme. Missing files

I’m wanting to take my UI back to the default settings. I’ve lost the backup files for this since tweaking the CSS file. Where can I get a copy of that?

CSS file?   What’s that?

To go back to the default theme, just go to SETTINGS – APPEARANCE – USER INTERFACE THEMES 

Select the CONTENT SOURCE for the theme to be the downloaded themes, and select MOCHI.

Yeah…my bad. they’re all xml files. Basically I’ve modded some of the files after checking out some of the themes on here. I do not have back up files of the originals. I would like to get copies of the orginals.

Depends on what firmware you’re using.  The OSD (which is the folder for the Mochi theme) is not available for the latest firmware.

The last OSD that is available is for the 2.08 FW, which you can get from HERE.

If your going to do any modding though, I would suggest the you first make a new folder, then copy the files that you are going to modify to that folder, then edit them.  This way you want have to redownload the OSD and you’ll always have the originals if you need them.  If your altering a theme downloaded form here, then it’s always best to make a copy of that theme, then edit the copy.

If you need the originals of the themes you downloaded, then you’ll need to redownload that theme(s).