Returns to main menu

Hi !  I have been using this player for about 1 month or so and one annoying thing is that often when im browsing in video files it returns back to the main menu. It has even happen in the youtube app once  and some minutes ago when i was about to enter theme / appearance in preferences it went directly to the main page instead. This has been going on with the 3 last firmwares which are the ones i tried. Anyone with the same problem ? 

Any chance of a defective remote?   — or someone in your household using the iPhone / Android remote and messing with you?   (I do that to my wife all the time.  ;) )

Yeah, I can confirm this.  It appears to be a process overload issue.

It usually happens if you attempt to speed scroll or if it can’t process a page fast enough before you go from one item to the next.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but every so often it will “call home”.

I’m not sure if this is by design or it’s an actual bug, but as far back as I can remember this happened with all FW versions on the HUB and SMP.

Ok so its a known problem atleast for you aswell and like u said its not always its happening. It could be a just a bug in the firmware or something but i tried a soft reset if that can help somewhat. 

This happens to me a lot. It only happens when I’m pressing the up arrow on the remote. Does the same thing when I use the Android remote app. Usually does it when I’m scrolling through folders, of when I’m in the “Services” section and scrolling up to get to an app. Zaps me right back to the the Home screen. Kinda glad I’m not the only one, it’s been really bugging me because I keep thinking somehow it’s me, but there’s no way I’m hitting the  “Home” button, it’s not even close.