Returned drives under warranty

I had to return 5 Western Digital drives under warranty (4 x WD20EADS and 1 x WD20EARS) from Australia. In two shipments.

Now I had to pay for shipping this drives to Malasia which cost me well over $100. Well anyway I did the RMA’s sent them off.

It took Western Digital around 6 weeks to get the replacement drives back to me.

The replacement drives that Western Digital have sent back now have all failed, even the WD20ears which I tested using “Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows” failed with to many bad sectors straight away.

Now what should I do?

This is a user’s forum, for this request you may contact WD directly.

I have been trying to contact Western Digital directly, but all I get in reply is the standard auto response from thier email system.

As for calling them, again all I get is a level one support person who follows a predefined script.